Navigating the World of Marketing through Social Media

At Downtown Yoga, we have a lot of unique classes and events that happen on a monthly basis. Our main way of getting the word out about these awesome events has been Facebook, Instagram, and our monthly newsletter. Throughout the first few months of the studio being open, I had come to realize the both benefit and nightmare that is social media marketing. Remembering to constantly post to our Facebook page, the event pages, and our Instagram turned into something disorganized, inconsistent, and time consuming. So I started looking for answers to help streamline the process and make it more manageable. (Cue the trumpets) In walks CoSchedule: a marketing calendar that helps you organize and streamline your social media marketing.

I’ve been using CoSchedule for a couple months (okay so I’ve had it for months and just recently got my booty in gear 2 weeks ago to actually use it). I can tell already I made a mistake. I should’ve started actually using it when I signed up for it months ago, because it would’ve saved me both time and energy. The templates and social helpers in CoSchedule make the process of creating posts on Facebook and Instagram much more time efficient. The calendar view makes it easy to see all your social campaigns that you have scheduled, along with times and dates.  This is helpful so that you can identify where you have gaps in your posts and where you are posting an excessive amount. You can take a social media campaign, schedule all the dates that you want to post about that specific event or topic, and then see it in a neat, organized interface. The system is easy to use and any questions you have are answered promptly by the company when you reach out to them. The one issue I have found is that since Instagram doesn’t let you schedule posts, you still have to go back to your created posts and actually post them (you can’t create, schedule, and move on). This is also true with Facebook events. I still have to go into each individual event on Facebook and schedule out posts for those events through Facebook. However, that’s an Instagram/Facebook issue and CoSchedule still creates your Instagram posts faster, so it’s been worth my time to use it. In the future, as Downtown Yoga continues to grow, I think the CoSchedule system will be even more beneficial. There are other uses that I haven’t even begun to explore simply because I’m running the studio on my own. When I start to incorporate the help of others as we we grow, the ability to assign tasks and track the progress of team members will be helpful (another great function of CoSchedule).

In all, I recommend CoSchedule to other business’ looking for a way to organize the social media life and I’m looking forward to familiarizing myself more with the system and seeing how the time I save using CoSchedule can be applied to help the studio grow and prosper even further.

Danielle Thompson