Free Flow Yoga

Friday I was craving some free flow yoga. Not just that feeling of 'I should probably work out today, maybe do some yoga or something'.... It was an intense craving that suddenly hit me out of nowhere Friday morning. I was introduced to free flow yoga at my 200hr yoga teacher training in August and I admit, I haven't done much of it since. But it called to me, so I answered, and it was wonderful.

For those who haven't experienced free flow in their practice, it's really quite simple and yet complex at the same time. You start your yoga practice with no plan and no expectations. You just simply...move. You let your body guide you into the postures, allowing your practice to almost be a kind of dance. As ideas or poses come to the body, you move into them. The first couple times you try free flow, it can be challenging and might feel awkward. The poses might not come easily to the body or mind. But the more you do it, the more natural it will feel and you'll come to find that it is a beautiful experience. 

During my session Friday morning, I explored some arm balances that I've only tried a couple times before. The first pose was Bakasana (crow pose) dropped back into plank, the second was Eka Pada Galavasana(One Leg Sage Galava's pose). They still need plenty of work, but that's one of the many reasons I love yoga....there's always ways to improve and challenge yourself further. I'm excited to incorporate it a little into the classes I teach this coming week!

Danielle Thompson