Selfish Sunday-Do a Puzzle!

You work hard, take a little time for yourself. It’s okay to be selfish every once in a while, in fact it’s a necessity unless you want to crash and burn (which you don’t...that’s no bueno). So each Sunday, I’m going to help you be a little selfish and give you an idea of something you can do to relax and take a little break from the chaos of life.

Happy Sunday! Today spend some time working that brilliant mind of yours in a fun way by doing a puzzle. Maybe piece together a good old fashion jigsaw puzzle, or try a free online puzzle at or . Do a crossword puzzle or sudoku. You can even go to The Escape Room or The Escape House for a fun adventure with family or friends. Don’t feel like searching for a puzzle experience? Do not fear, Dani is here...see puzzle below :)

Danielle Thompson